From the Chairperson

From the Chairperson


The National Research Council of Science & Technology(NST) will open the Renaissance era steered by Government-funded Research Institute(GRI)s.

The fourth Industrial Revolution that will lead science and technology began. The Revolution, which will bring a dramatic change to humanity, is going to be an opportunity for us to make a leap. NST will support and foster GRIs to help them develop core technology and lead growth in Korea’s innovation as the root of Science and technology, for they need to establish foothold as a platform for the revolution. NST will implement the following things in order to benefit our people in terms of the quality of their lives from the fruit of GRI’s growth.

First, NST and GRIs will turn to the citizen centered R&D system that looks after our people and solves national and social issues with R&D, which our citizen can notice it in their real life.

Second, GRIs will move away from the framework of public institutions centering on management and return to the research institutions centered on their true function, research.

Finally yet importantly, we will establish a research culture centered on researchers who can have pride. For that, we will lower the fence of the institution and broaden the scope of cooperation so that researchers can increase their autonomy and conduct challenging and creative research.

NST will take the initiative to draw the bright future while improving, innovating and reforming. I would like you to support NST and GRIs to help us step stone toward a better future.

Thank you.

Chairperson, NST
Wohn, Kwangyun