Board of Directors

Reviewing and resolving the key pending issues of NST and member Government-funded Research Institute(GRI)s as the highest decision-making body regarding the operation of NST and GRIs

Appointment Method

Appointment method table
Category Appointment Method
Chairman Full-time position
Recommendation of the chairman recommendation committee Recommendation of the Minister of Science and ICT Direct appointment by the President
Ex officio Fixed positions: Vice-Minister I of Science and ICT,
Vice-Minister II of Strategy and Finance, and Vice-Minister I of Trade, Industry and Energy
Circulated positions (1 year): Two vice-ministers out of Vice-Minister of Education,
Vice-Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Vice-Minister of Health and Welfare,
and Vice-Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Appointed Part-time positions
Recommendation of industries, academia, and research institutes Decision by the board of directors
Direct appointment by the Minister of Science and ICT


Up to 20 directors including one chairman of the board

Structure table
Category Current Position Name
Chairman Chairperson, NST Wohn, Kwangyun
Ex officio 1st Vice-Minister, Ministry of Science and ICT Moon, Mi-ok
2nd Vice-Minister, Ministry of Strategy and Finance Ku, Yoon-cheol
Vice-Minister, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Cheong, Seung-il
Vice Minister, Ministry of Education Park, Baek-beom
Vice Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Kim, Hyun-soo
Appointed Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Kyung Hee University Kim, Gwang-pyo
Professor, College of General Education, Chung-Ang University Kim, Eun Ho
Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Hanyang University Ryu, Seong Eon
Professor, School of Computing, KAIST Park, Jinah
President, University of Science & Technology Moon, Kil-Choo
Professor, College of Pharmacy, Dongguk University
Lee, Kyeong
Senior Research Fellow, Science and Technology Policy institute Lee, Jung Won
President, Women In Science, Engineering and Technology in Korea Jung, Kyung Hee
President, Samyoung Machinery Han, Kook-hyun

Term of Office

  • Director: 3 years
  • Official Director: tenure
  • Appointed Director: 3 years


Reviewing and resolving the key points drawn from NST and GRIs

Function table
Category Contents
  • Appointment of directors (excluding official directors)
  • Establishment and modification of project plans
  • Budget and settlement of accounts
  • Amendment of the articles of association
  • Enactment, amendment and repeal of important provisions
  • Acquisition and disposal and management of important property
  • Set of endowment
  • Amendment of the articles of association
  • Approval of budget, balance sheet, and project plan
  • Appointment and dismissal of the chairman and auditor
  • Approval of management targets
  • Adjustment and alignment of functions (including establishment, integration, and dissolution)
  • Evaluation of management contents and research achievements
  • Disposal of important assets, and provision of collateral and approval of borrowing long-term funds
    (more than one year)
  • Matters relating to investments aimed for technology commercialization and entrepreneurship promotion
    (excluding technology investments)
  • Measures necessary for cooperative research among GRIs
  • Matters concerning policy proposals for the innovation and competitiveness enhancement in the fields
    of national science and technology
  • Support for the composition of the creative and effective HR ecosystem
  • Matters concerning policy proposals for strengthening the industrial competitiveness
    in national science and technology
  • Matters requiring the resolution of the board of directors pursuant to the regulations of laws and articles
    (including the articles of association of GRIs)
  • Other matters the board of directors deem necessary