Planning and Evaluation Committee

Major Organizations

Committee for Management and Coordination

Committee for Management and Coordination

Advisory body to the chairman operating with a legal basis for the purpose of supporting the policy and strategic decision-making of NST concerning the major pending issues surrounding the science and technology environment


Consisting of chairman, directors, and heads of Government-funded Research Institute(GRI)s


  • Advisory on major policy decisions of NST
  • Advisory on major policy findings of NST
  • Advisory on the pending issues of GRIs
  • Discussion about the common agenda of GRIs

Holding Management and Coordination Meetings

  • Regular meetings (quarterly)
  • Temporary meetings (occasional)

Direction of Operation

  • Diagnosis and resolution of the issues of NST and GRIs, regularization to perform practical roles as an advisory body for
    decision-making, and operation to allow deep discussion about pending issues
  • Practical reflection of matters discussed in the meetings in the process of changing GRIs, and establishment of the total reflux system
    to check the performance