Strengthening of Leading Type Research System

Policy Planning

Evaluation of institutes

Purpose of Project

The future development directions of Government-funded Research Institute(GRI)s are planned, the policy agendas are discovered and relevant policies are prepared to solve pending issues in science and technology.


01Establishment of GRIs' Missions and Planning of Development Directions


  • To establish, for efficient implementation of missions, GRIs' missions and provide policies customized to individual GRIs according to important characteristics.


  • Missions are established and follow-up customized support is provided to concentrate on the core capabilities of GRIs' must-do missions.
  • Open-type cooperation is comprehensively supported.

02Discovery of Policies for Reinforcing GRIs' Competence


  • To support the establishment of effective strategies for the reinforcement of GRIs' competitiveness and to promote system improvement for increasing the R&D efficiency


  • The GRIs' R&D innovation methods are established, and the implementation of the methods is supported.
    • Directions for effectively establishing GRIs' policies are provided by responding to the government's policy demands, including the improvement of major research projects and the formation of a research-immersion environment.

03Investigation and Analysis of Domestic and International Science and Technology Policies and Trends


  • To investigate and analyze on a regular basis major issues and overseas cases to increase the GRIs' research competence and the effectiveness of solving pending issues


  • Overseas cases are investigated and analyzed.
    • Contracted survey services are promoted to investigate major pending issues, including the operation of advanced research institutes.
  • The current status of GRIs and Korean systems is investigated and analyzed.
    • Contracted survey services are promoted to objectify major pending issues and prepare a solution framework.
    • The NST independently investigates and analyzes urgent issues in science and technology as well as systems and current status of GRIs.
  • Projects are promoted to utilize relevant experts and increase professionality.
    • Policy seminars are held to collect opinions from various relevant experts and to transfer their knowledge for the establishment of GRIs' development strategies.

04Establishments of GRIs' Policy Network


  • Establishment of two-way research communication system and discovery of policy proposals through the establishment of expert network for sharing issues of science and technology and those of GRIs


  • Meetings of policy planning team heads are held.
    • A consultative body operation system is established for individual missions between the NST and GRIs to establish a foundation for substantial communication and to form an environment for mutual exchange.

Implementation System

Internal and external communication and information analysis-(NST-GRI joint workshops, consultative bodies, and discussion meetings, Collection and analysis of domestic and international information about science and technology)→ Discovery of issues (demands)-(Discovery of essential issues for the development of GRIs)→Preparation of policy and strategy (alternatives)-(NST and GRI's independent review and preparation of improvement proposals, Promotion of policy research, etc.)→Promotion of policy and strategy (alternatives)-(Proposal of policies and strategies to the government, Support for system improvement and GRI improvement, etc.)