Dissemination of Tangible Research Accomplishments

Diffusion of the Outcomes

Enterprise Support

Purpose of Project

To establish the foundation for technology transfer and commercialization and to provide support for improving policies and systems to increase Government-funded Research Institute(GRI)s’ technology commercialization accomplishments

Details of Project

Support of GRIs' Fostering of Technology Licensing Office (TLO)

  • (Support of joint marketing and latecomer TLO) Joint marketing is performed with GRIs' excellent technologies by establishing a technology platform; tight support is provided to TLOs and researchers.
  • (Support of follow-up management after technology transfer) To inspect the effectiveness of technology transfer and to prepare additional supportive measures, the status of commercialization is investigated in companies to which GRIs' technologies are transferred.
  • (Support for reinforcing TLOs' capabilities) Education is provided according to career in GRIs' TLOs, and a regular communication system is established with TLOs.
  • (Support of advancement in GRIs' IP management strategies) IP management strategy consulting is provided to GRIs, and the establishment of IP portfolio for key projects is supported.

Support of Transfer and Commercialization of Excellent Accomplishments

  • (Support for activation of accomplishment spread) Excellent accomplishments are discovered by, for example, selecting GRIs' excellent accomplishments Top 10.
  • (Formation of technology commercialization ecosystem) Support is provided for BM development and design through the discovery of GRIs' excellent accomplishments.

Implementation System

Improvement of accomplishment spread policy and system:Policy study for accomplishment spread , Improvement of systems related to accomplishment spread, Operation of GRIs accomplishment spread team head committee,Operation of teams devoted to excellent accomplishment commercialization => Support of GRIs' TLO and spread and commercialization of excellent accomplishments:Support of GRIs' fostering of TLO(Implementation of GRIs' TLO fostering projects, Support for reinforcing TLO capabilities,Support for advancement of GRIs' IP management strategy), Support of spread and commercialization of excellent accomplishments(Support of reinforcement of accomplishment spread, Formation of technology commercialization ecosystem) => Establishment of accomplishment spread network(- Technology innovation centers for small and medium-sized companies and strong medium-sized enterprises, Korea Intellectual property. Strategy Agency (Korean Intellectual Property Office), Establishment of technology marketing cooperation network, Establishment of technical financing connection network,Presidential Council on Intellectual Property (Establishment of basic plan for intellectual property) => Goal : Facilitation of accomplishment spread and formation of ecosystem for commercializing excellent technological accomplishments through support of GRIs' TLO