HR Support for SMEs

Dissemination of Tangible Research Accomplishments

R&D Support for SMEs


To provide excellent human resources and equipment of GRIs to enable SMEs to grow into global champions on the basis of technology power as a R&D forward base and also total periodic R&D support in consideration of the demand of companies


01Technical solution for SMEs through technical guidance support


  • Improving the social contribution of GRIs and the technology innovation capacity of SMEs by utilizing the knowledge of GRIs and resolving technical issues of SMEs


  • Running the technical guidance: execution of technical support through the utilization of GRIs’ researchers and research facilities and equipment suitable for resolving pending technical issues of SMEs

    * Navigation/excavation of new industrial fields, resolution of pending technical issues, R&D information analysis, research equipment utilization support, technology linkage, education to strengthen technical capabilities, and technology community activities

  • R&D planning support: participation of R&D planning support experts in analysis on companies’ technology and market information and establishment of commercialization strategies

    * Providing support in excavating joint research projects to enable SMEs to participate in governmental R&D projects and writing research project plans


02Demand-based customized R & D technical service support


  • Customized R&D services support based on the technology needs of SMEs through the utilization of GRIs professionals


  • Linking demand-based R&D technical support through diagnosing problematic needs of enterprises and operating technology professionals to perform roles as a bridge between enterprises and GRIs
  • Matching the experts of GRIs for problematic technology diagnosed by R&D experts and providing joint research support through the excavation of tasks determined to require R&D