Convergence Research

Formation of Research Cooperation Ecosystem

International Cooperation

Convergence Research Projects

Purpose of Project

To elevate Government-funded Research Institute(GRI)s’ global research capabilities and technological competence and to activate cooperation with overseas advanced research institutes

Details of Project

01Establishment of Global Network


  • To establish and manage strategic cooperation network based on the characteristics of countries and regions


  • View detailed information about current status of cooperation institutions in 15 countries on 5 continents.

View detailed information about current status of cooperation institutions in 15 countries on 5 continents. Europe-Belarus, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Spain Asia- India, Taiwan, Vietnam America-Canada, Peru Middle East•Africa-United Arab Emirates Oceania-Australia, New Zealand International Organization- UNIDO

02Establishment of Joint Research Implementation System and Preparation of Basis for Producing Accomplishments


  • To elevate GRIs' international recognition and make social and economic contributions with public research accomplishments by extending international R&D and commercialization network and strengthening research capabilities


  • International cooperation items reflecting the national policy demands are discovered and matched between GRIs and overseas research institutes to facilitate international joint research work.

03Support of Planning of Joint Research between GRIs and Overseas Advanced Research Institutes


  • To establish GRIs' international cooperation system in accordance with global demands and to promote international joint research work


  • GRIs' global R&D capabilities are increased and research on globally shared issues is induced to facilitate the transfer of the research accomplishments.
  • GRIs' research capabilities are strengthened and the exchange with overseas advanced research institutes is extended by promoting open international cooperation activities.

Implementation System

  • Spread of joint research for GRIs' major research projects
    Discovery of joint research items:Discovery of demand and preliminary planning at any time -> Improvement of voluntary joint research promotion environment:Matching of discovered items and activation of exchange -> Sharing and spreading of excellent examples:Displaying and rewarding of excellent accomplishments at exhibitions
  • Discovery and matching of international cooperation items
    Discovery of agendas for international cooperation:Meetings of international cooperation team heads, International Cooperation Knowledge MARU, working groups, etc. -> Establishment of network with overseas institutions:Concluding MOUs and holding joint workshops with overseas institutions -> Promotion of international joint research:GRI-led production of technical pace-setting accomplishments -> Spread of GRIs' research accomplishments:Elevation of GRIs' international recognition